Microbiome-targeted ingredients: Opportunities for product line expansions

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The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an increased awareness of our microbial environment and of the impacts that our personal microbiomes can have on our gut health, skin health, immune health, and mood. Consumers want to know how to introduce beneficial microbes into their personal and environmental microbiomes via 

  • consumption of nutraceuticals or biotically fortified foods,
  • application of prebiotics and probiotics to the skin, and 
  • use of cleaning and air care products. 

To deliver on these trending desires, our clients are asking: 

  • Should we look at pre-, pro-, or postbiotics to provide microbiome-targeted ingredients?
  • Should we view biotics as an opportunity to extend our product lines or to enter new markets? 
  • What is the scientific community’s take on microbiome ingredients?

With expertise in biotechnology, formulation, and innovation, RTI Innovation Advisors works with CPG clients to develop products that promote healthy microbiomes present on skin, in the air, or on surfaces. We 

  • ensure our clients understand the role of human and environmental microbiomes in relation to their products and customers;
  • determine which emerging pre-, pro-, and postbiotic ingredient technologies are available across adjacent industries;
  • define how pre-, pro-, and postbiotic ingredient technologies may be incorporated into existing products or line extensions;
  • evaluate technologies to determine the best fit for unique needs;
  • identify potential partners across the supply chain to support new product development in microbiome innovation; and
  • highlight emerging startup and patent activity to support investment decisions. 

We enable our CPG clients to incorporate microbiome-supporting technologies into their products. We identify potential opportunities for collaboration, investment, and strategic partnerships with industry and supply chain partners. By helping our clients navigate the complex microbiome space, we ensure they remain on the leading edge of innovation.

Let’s talk about how we can help you innovate next-gen products with strong biotic claims. 

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