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Projected to exceed $3 billion (USD) by 2025, the natural personal care market represents a huge opportunity for CPG firms. Many of our clients are seeking to extend their product lines to include natural options with sustainable formulations to tap into this market. Finding the right partners to accomplish this can be tricky when you consider regulatory challenges across geographies, market availability, ingredient performance, and willingness to partner. RTI Innovation Advisors has extensive experience with sustainable formulation. Our technical skillset makes us an excellent resource to find and vet your next partner in this space. 

Recently, a Fortune 500 CPG client engaged with us to understand partnership options for a combination natural insect repellant and sunscreen product. Additionally, they wanted to understand how new regulations or actions may impact their potential product launch.   

With the client’s specific criteria in mind, we used a structured process to review over 35 products and interviewed 8 potential partners. During this process, we did not disclose the identity of the client to ensure all the information we collected was accurate. We considered several factors when vetting each partner, including: 

  • Repellency Duration
  • Sunscreen Duration
  • Testing and Validation 
  • Repellent Active Ingredient 
  • Sun Active Ingredient 
  • Possible Product Formats

Of the 8 companies, we recommended two companies as suitable potential partners able to provide a product within the client’s criteria, saving them time and getting them honest answers. We also found that there were no foreseen regulatory issues regarding future FDA actions on combination products. This information put our client in position for a successful product launch. 

Are you considering launching a natural product and need help finding the right partner? Let’s talk about how we can help you find the right partner and avoid slowing down your product launch!

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